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A Tableau of Conversion

Some people might be wondering why I said that the last two Programming posts were part of a series — after all, the first one was a utility class to help out with type conversion, while the second one focused on using enumerations in the UI. How is that a series? Well, it’s this post […]

Combos of Enums

It’s probably about time that I continued on from my previous post. This one is just going to be a short one, but it’s a nice setup for the following post in the series.

When you have a property which can only have one of a limited number of values, there are a few different […]

Templates Galore

(Well, look at that. I did manage to write another Programming post after all.)

One of the really great things about WPF is its composable UI structure and dynamic layouts — the ability to replace one set of controls with another on the fly as things happen (eg. when something is selected by the user) […]