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Portals of Fun

(This is all spoiler-free, so don’t worry if you haven’t played these yet.)

First off, to follow up on my first Games post: Overlord was lots of fun, and definitely worth playing. I did end up playing through both evil and goodslightly-less-evil paths, and had fun with both (although the evil path seems a little […]


This is a bit of a followup to my last post

Anyway, I was looking around for some videos from Overlord, and discovered that Codemasters were also publishing another game, called Hospital Tycoon.

Now, I tend to stay away from the “Tycoon”-named games (though I loved Transport Tycoon), since most of them seem to […]

It’s good to be bad

I seem to be having a run of “bad guy” games lately 😈

I recently finished playing Jade Empire [though I actually bought it on Steam]. My first playthrough was Open Hand, as usual (I tend to play the good guy first). I’ve just started a new run playing as Closed Fist. Haven’t gotten too […]