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Conversion Filter

Finally, the last post in my series about conversion and the LookupConverter.

This is just a quick addition to extend the capabilities of the LookupConverter, specifically to allow it to run a bit of code to determine which resulting value to use. I’ve actually never used this in a real-world scenario myself (I’ve always found […]

A Tableau of Conversion

Some people might be wondering why I said that the last two Programming posts were part of a series — after all, the first one was a utility class to help out with type conversion, while the second one focused on using enumerations in the UI. How is that a series? Well, it’s this post […]

Combos of Enums

It’s probably about time that I continued on from my previous post. This one is just going to be a short one, but it’s a nice setup for the following post in the series.

When you have a property which can only have one of a limited number of values, there are a few different […]

Clever Conversion

I’ve been planning to post this (and a few other things) for a while now, but never quite seemed to get around to it. Well, brace yourselves, because here it finally is! (And it might even turn into an actual series!)

This first part is pretty straightforward; it’s a helper class designed to make a […]