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Mass Effect 3

I recently completed my first playthrough of Mass Effect 3, and I feel the urge to share some thoughts with the world. Not that anyone’s listening, of course.

I’ve previously played the earlier games, of course (all three on PC), although unlike many others so far I’ve only really done one complete playthrough of […]


Today’s topic is fairly basic, but hey, it gives me a chance to moan about something weird in the framework, so it’s not all bad

Windows Presentation Foundation. WPF. Essentially it’s a long-overdue reboot of the child window model coupled with a powerful data binding engine (though not without its own quirks). And I […]

Vista Networking

I use Vista at work (with UAC enabled; as a programmer I believe that for all the hassle UAC introduces it’s still a step in the right direction — a position that only gets reinforced when I hang around software installation forums and listen to all the sob stories from “developers” who bemoan that their […]


I’m not sure whether this is an Easter-related thing or not, but the amount of spam missing my ISP’s spam filter and ending up in my inbox seems to have had a sharp rise recently.

In fact, in the last 8 days alone I’ve received 3945 spam messages (3364 caught in my spam box and […]

Standards of Style

As I’m making various tweaks to the site’s theme to make it more unique (and hopefully interesting), I came across an interesting page about creating buttons almost entirely within CSS — meaning that the text for the button can be taken from the HTML, and thus changed easier as there’s no need to create all […]