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Happy 2022-02-22 02:22:20 UTC

I’m still alive, though I haven’t really come up with anything interesting to post in a while (and I guess I still haven’t). Blogs are kinda out of fashion at the moment, and nobody is really reading this, anyway.

But hey, enjoy a fun point in time.

Random musical musings

Turn on a popular music station (something not dedicated to a specific theme, such as classic or concert music), and listen for 30-60 minutes. Count how many songs you hear that do not feature love, sex, or related topics (such as partying).

I’ve tried this a few times. So far my record high score is […]

Random grammatical thoughts

“Got” is a very strange word in the English language. Technically it’s the past tense of the verb “to get”. (And just to be difficult, so is “gotten” — at least in some dialects.) But that’s not the only way it’s used.

For example, the fragment “once you’ve got the window open” is fairly normal […]


I’m retroactively declaring this as a significant post date. (Hey, it’s been two years since I last did this.)

Historical Significance.

Scott Pilgrim

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks, but you know me. I figured I had better do it before it’s completely gone from the theatres, at least.

If you’re into computer games at all (with particular emphasis on the old 8-bit Nintendo games, but any gaming interest is probably good enough), […]


… and now it’s 07/08/09 10:11:12, in case you happen to prefer your dates around the other way.

Ok, I’ll stop this now. (But just so that these posts aren’t a total loss, here are some significant events on this day in history…)

I promise I’ll get around to posting something real sometime soon. Ish.



I don’t have anything particularly exciting to say — I just felt like posting that it is now the vaguely-numerically-significant time of 2009-08-07 06:05:04. Woo! 😉

Not that anyone will notice for a long while later…

Time Machine

Oh, that’s right, I have a blog! 😀

Anyway, I came across this the other day, and (while short) it seems like a fun idea.

YouTube – Link to Time Machine

I’m not sure how they managed the embedded links, though. Maybe it’s something specific to YouTube’s player.

[Source: The Escapist]

Tetris-induced nightmares (and related video)

YouTube – Link to Tetris Grand Master And if that hasn’t sent you off the deep end, how about a complete game: YouTube – Link to Full GM Tetris Game Or for a change of pace: YouTube – Link to Human Space Invaders

Some people have way too much time. Though unquestionably.skilled (All via Larry Osterman.)

Also […]

Favourites from the xkcd archives

Recently I started looking through the archives of xkcd — I forget where I first found a link to it, but I suspect it was probably Twenty Sided.

Anyway, here are a few of my particular favourites so far (don’t forget to hover your mouse on the comic for the captions!):

Centrifugal Force Substitute Pointers […]