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Site Update

As the more observant of you have probably already noticed, the site has just had a fairly major update, to both theme and the backend software.

One unfortunate side-effect of the change is that the generated wavatars will now be different (it uses a slightly different algorithm than it did before), but I don’t have […]

Avatar: The Last Icon

I’ve just tricked the comment section of this blog out with a whole bunch of extra goodness.

First up, if you provide a URL to a website that has a “favicon” (little icon typically shown next to the URL in the address bar and on any bookmarks) then that will be displayed to the left […]

Hello World!

Well, I’ve finally caved and set myself up a blog. As the description says, this is mostly just a place where I can post things I find vaguely amusing or just randomly ramble on about things I’m doing or rant about things that bug me. I don’t expect it’ll get too much of an audience, […]