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It’s good to be bad

I seem to be having a run of “bad guy” games lately 😈

I recently finished playing Jade Empire [though I actually bought it on Steam].  My first playthrough was Open Hand, as usual (I tend to play the good guy first).  I’ve just started a new run playing as Closed Fist.  Haven’t gotten too far with it yet though as unfortunately JE gets really laggy if I haven’t rebooted my computer recently, for some reason.  So that one’s going to be slow going, as I don’t like rebooting my computer all that often.

I’m not really planning on doing massive review spiels for these games, incidentally (though feel free to drop a note in the Suggestion Box if you want me to).  Overall though I quite enjoyed Jade Empire.  The plot was a bit predictable in places (though it had quite a good surprise twist in the middle).  The fights were a bit repetitive but they never really got boring; the minigame sequences at times were a bit annoying (what Shamus calls DIAS), but weren’t too hard to solve in the end.  So overall, pretty good.

In the meantime, I’ve also just finished Stubbs the Zombie.  Now that is a seriously fun game.  Not a lot of replay value (at least not immediately — I’ll probably try it again after a few months to collect all the hippo heads), but it’s got exactly the sort of cheezy storyline that really appeals to me, for some reason.  The only bit that really annoyed me was this one spot where you had to blow up a tank, and I had already run out of anything explodable.  Supposedly some extra civilians were supposed to come along at some point so you could restock, but that never seemed to happen.  Anyway, it’s pretty cheap now, so it’s worth a play.  (It’s also out on Xbox, apparently.)

I’m a big fan of games that don’t take themselves (or their industry) too seriously (I guess it’s why I like parodies so much).  The next big game I’m currently waiting eagerly for is Overlord (Amazon, Mighty Ape).  It’s already out in the US, but sadly won’t be out here for another couple of weeks.  I’ve played the demo, and it was freakin’ awesome.  It seems like it has the perfect blend of sardonic humour, amusing antics, and wanton destruction.  Only time will tell, of course, so no doubt I’ll post some more about it after I’ve got my hands on the full game.

I’m of two minds at this point about how I’ll end up playing it.  See, I want to go for the goodslightly-less-evil-guy path first, as usual (what Overlord refers to as 0% corruption), but I suspect that the dark side will just be too tempting.  No doubt I’ll probably end up playing it both ways (unless something goes horribly wrong, like with Fable), but we’ll have to wait and see 😉

And to stray completely off topic (except that I guess it involves destruction, so could maybe be considered a bad-guy-game in that sense), I came across a little freeware game yesterday called Grid Wars.  It really requires a dual analogue controller to play, but it’s disturbingly fun.

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