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Scott Pilgrim

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks, but you know me. I figured I had better do it before it’s completely gone from the theatres, at least.

If you’re into computer games at all (with particular emphasis on the old 8-bit Nintendo games, but any gaming interest is probably good enough), then Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is definitely a good movie to go and see.

On the surface (and for the first 20 minutes or so), it’s basically just your boring average run of the mill cheesy teen romance stuff, although occasional glimmers of interest peek through sometimes (and it’s really hard to like the main character at this point; not sure if that’s intentional or not). Once you get past that part, though (basically shortly after Ramona first appears), the action heats up and things just get insanely awesome.

I guess it has a bit of a niche audience (which is probably why according to most reports it’s been fairly mediocre at the box office), but for those people squarely in its niche (like me), it’s one to be remembered.

Here’s the official trailer:

YouTube - Link to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Theatrical Trailer

And, just for added awesome points, here’s a fan trailer combining video from the Matrix series with audio from the Scott Pilgrim trailer (which works out surprisingly well):

YouTube - Link to Scott Pilgrim VS THE MATRIX

2 comments to Scott Pilgrim

  • Gray Stoneman

    If only I had known Andrea’s movies that much, I would have never fallen into movie addicted traps. Andrea bad too! You Never let yourself be known….I am now becoming famous like an idiotic star in the internet.
    I catch your site via this

    “I mostly work on industrial control software — and in that, it’s definitely the rule to catch (and log) exceptions as close to the raising point as possible and then continue execution as best it can.”

    How after many ups and downs, there is NO way to get this into relationships.
    I may sound silly and strange but if you have followed me this far, you sure know//

    Thanks a lot for your posts

  • AndyE

    Scott Pilgrim vs the world totally rocks.

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